FH Speed Harness Resistor Training

Sprint speed resistance harness training uses the training concept of holding you back while you sprint, this is so that when the resistance is removed your body' muscles will still activate and are faster.

The affect from the harness training helps increase the resistance and specify the training set ideally for rugby players.

As the harness represents the opposition tackler this can help increase strength and power making the player burst through the challenge. By adding a ball and pass whilst training can be also increase the specific movements for the player. 

For example, if you want to improve you 40 meter speed a great idea is to use interval training, these techniques will help you gain faster results.

With interval training you need to keep changing the distances, resistance,  surfaces, angles and speeds.

For Distance training running the follow lengths 20m, 30m, 15m, 60m or 50m with mixture of different resistances, would be an example easy of interval training. Never doing the same intensity or distance twice.

Speed Resistor Harness Training  


Health and safety.

We recommend you consult a doctor before starting any harness training.

A high to moderate level of fitness is required for speed resistor training.

Always check your harness for tears or breakages before training.

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