Three simple muscle building rules.

These are the simple rules to building muscle fast.

Three of the most important and vital steps for building muscle is recovery and preparation of body muscles and energy systems.


Before starting your workout get your energy levels right is essential. If your short of energy you want get the full impact and benefits from your training.

The easiest way to prepare yourself for a big bodybuilding session is with  drinks and gels. Ideally take 15-30 minutes before  training. Below are some of the products we recommend you use for increase energy levels.

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Building Muscle

Looking for maximum muscular increase benefits then start using the maximum muscle overload training method.  Second rule in building muscle is overloading your muscular system with 1-3 rep max system.

This simple training technique that targets the muscle to work more slowly, but twice more efficiently.This is a training system used by strongmen and strength building professionals. The training requires you to lift between 90%-100% of your maximum weight. Each exercise should be contract slowly maintaining control throughout.


Adding protein and mineral to your recovery is essential for muscle growth. Normally its best to consume your shake or eat within one hour post exercise.If you miss out on your protein fix, you miss out on your muscle recovery. Not delivering protein to your muscles can have the opposite effect and you can end up losing more muscle than gaining more muscle.

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