Outdoor fitness

The great outdoors


Fitness health is a firm believer in outdoor exercise. Most people aim to lose weight and often think the gym is the ultimate key for all they're problems! If I join a gym I I will become leaner,thinner and fit. As we all well that's not necessarily true.

The key with weight loss is activity, and before thinking of the gym people should look for a more natural approach with fitness. The best place to lose weight is behind your front door! Outdoor fitness, parks are amazing gyms without any monthly subscription!

All you need are a few ideas on how to use the equipment.

Warm up-

Essential for every session.

The park bench
Press up exercises
Outdoor bench mixed body workout routine

Resistance bands are ideal for park workouts.

Fitness bands are so light , portable and extremely effective when used in exercise programmes. The fitness bands are able to add resistance in our movement and improve body strength.