Personal Training in Swansea, South Wales

My name is Rene' I am the founder of Fitness Health ltd located in Swansea, our business works with individuals and sports teams in South Wales. I am a laid back trainer who wants clients to achieve their results, its not just for a few months but for life. I work with life coaching and fitness for individuals, focusing programmes around their lifestyles.

"Fitness Health is a company that offers personal training to people who want to get the most from their effort. Being a qualified personal trainer, an ex military chef and having many years of training myself I know how much being fit can change someone's life.""

A lot of people associate being fit with being beautiful, I think that its much more than that, its about feeling the best you can feel. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they don't have a washboard stomach or they don't have bulging muscles that they cannot enjoy being fit. But, fitness is a feeling that everyone can enjoy.

I ' Rene Harwood' started the fitness health website five years ago. Whilst working as a fitness instructor and part time chef, I began writing articles and sharing all the information I found interesting. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with everyone and trying to help people understand why and what is important. I have been a fitness professional for eight years now I am a fully qualified REP's registered  personal trainer and massage therapist.


We at fitness health work with athletes, general public, elderly, sports teams and care homes. We have packages for all ! 

For more details about prices and packages that are offered please email me at - or alternatively contact us by phone 01792895905

We work all across South Wales not just in Swansea,  so please get in touch and find out what we can do for you. Remember

''You don't need a gym, you need a reason !"