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  Everyone out there has their own reason to step out of their comfort zone and join a gym. For the beginners and inexperienced gym-goers, the choice between weight lifting with free weights or machines is not a new debate. It is rather confusing to choose between free weight and machine because both of them can help you enhance your strength. The choice fairly depends on your personal preference, your physical fitness level, your fitness goals and your approach to equipment. Most well-supplied gyms have a hefty combination of both free weights and machines. This article demonstrates a pretty significant...

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  Strength training isn't just toning your body and gaining muscle; it’s a lot more than that. When you start training, you will see a mark difference in your overall health.  These may include, augmented and enhanced muscle, bone, tendon, as well as ligament strength, enhanced joint function, better balance that reduces the probability of injury. Moreover, strength training will also improve bone density as well as your metabolism. It also boosts your flexibility and cardiac function. Most common sports that are centered around strength training are: Bodybuilding Weightlifting javelin throw Tennis Wrestling Rowing Basketball Hockey Rugby Soccer Here’s what...

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  When it comes to athletic success sports nutrition has very strong roots. It can safely be said that the success of the sports industry depends on sports nutrition. It’s a well-educated nutrition plan or timetable that is provided to athletes as well as adults who are engaged in strength training to give their best. When it comes to sports nutrition, you get the best knowledge of the food that you take, what it does to your body and the right and wrong thing to eat. The plan varies from person to person and their activities as well. Since everyone’s...

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  “Your body is precious. It’s our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.”-Buddha Today each person with his unique quest is facing different challenges in his daily life. However, the grind of daily routine has made some issues universal. Meditation is the art of silencing the mind and making room for inner peace. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why people are drawn to meditate followed by its scientifically validated benefits. Fighting stress: Lack of time and too much input mostly results in stress. Meditation helps to reduce stress-related conditions such as depression and anxiety by switching...

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  For those people who optimistically made a New Year’s resolution to stay fit and do a bit more exercise, running is quite a good option. But is it better to do your running outside, or you should do it on a treadmill indoor without leaving the comfort of your own house? The debate over whether the quality of treadmill running or outside running is ‘better’ is not a new one. This article reviews the pro and cons of both running on a treadmill and road running. Running on a Treadmill: The treadmill is one of the most popular types...

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