Raw Garlic: Does It Have Healing Power?




Garlic tastes great in pasta dishes, when cooked with chicken, and infused in pork tenderloin. However, this spice is also good for your health. Some even say that it has healing power. Could it be true?

Raw Garlic and Its Healing Properties

In an article published by Medical News Today titled “What are the benefits of garlic?” the author brings up the fact that Hippocrates, the well-known Greek physician from BC times, relied on garlic for many different issues. He used it for digestive or respiratory problems, in addition to other basic health concerns like dealing with low energy.

WebMD agrees and goes on to say that raw garlic has been found to prevent and treat conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, multiple forms of cancer, atherosclerosis, headaches, hemorrhoids, and even snake bites. Its power reaches into many different areas, providing whole body health for those who consume it. 

So, how do you eat raw garlic without all of your friends wanting to keep you at arm’s length?

How to Incorporate Raw Garlic in Your Meals

One option is to put it on bruschetta with some tomatoes, olive oil, and salt. That makes for a tasty appetizer and, if you share it with your friends, well, their breath will have the same smell as yours!

You could also make your own homemade guacamole and put raw garlic in it. The natural fat contained within the avocados lessens its potent aroma and taste, making it easier for you to gain all of the healing powers of the garlic without having to deal with bad breath.

If you do notice that your breath is still garlicky despite your best attempts to avoid it, chewing sugar free gum or on a sprig of parsley will help. And your friends will thank you.

How do you incorporate raw garlic in your diet? Have you noticed any healing powers because of it?





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