How to Eat Healthy and Save Money at the Supermarket at the Same Time



When it comes to eating healthy, you can spend a fortune at the supermarket trying to buy the best cuts of meat and the top of the line produce. Unfortunately, this can stop even the best-intentioned person from buying foods that are good for the body. However, there is a way to get nutritious foods at the grocery store without breaking your budget, and here is how you do it:

#1: Don’t Get Tunnel Vision

The supermarket owners know that most shoppers don’t look anywhere but eye level, so they capitalize on this by placing their most expensive items there. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to save is by making the effort to look at the items place on the upper and lower shelves, thereby saving yourself some cash simply by taking a look around.

#2: Make Shopping the Last Thing on Your To-Do List

Shop later in the day and you’ll likely get more discounts because stores want to get rid of old products before stocking the new ones overnight. So, the best time to go is after dinner (anywhere from 8 PM to midnight) because then you’re not fighting the crowds that often go right when work gets out.

#3: Check the Clearance Bins

When fruits and veggies are getting ripe, stores prefer to move them out at a discounted rate as opposed to throwing them away and getting no money for them at all. So, be sure to check the clearances and sales in this healthy section and stock up on all the fruits and veggies you can eat in the next couple of days without hurting your wallet too much.

Eating good food doesn’t have to cut into your budget, as long as you follow these three general guidelines. 

What are some money-saving tricks you’ve learned to use at the supermarket?

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