The best way to lose weight

People often try diets and weight loss programs to lose weight. When the truth of this matter is that the best way to burn fat and lose weight is by building muscle. Diets and weightloss programs work, but what do they remove fat or muscle? Per unit fat weights in at 0.9g and muscle weights 1.1g per unit. Programs will ideally target muscle mass for loss. This will make the dieter feel good because they're losing weight and achieving the weightloss goal. Most of the time they're causing more harm than good. It normally takes our body three months to lose muscle without exercising or training. Further more if you follow diets that target muscle mass then you can speed up this process more rapidly. The best thing about gaining muscle is more muscle you gain the more fat you burn! No amazing trick, just workout and eat good balance meals three times per day. Doing the same workout, week in, week out, will leave you with fewer gains.  Focus on changing your exercises regularly during every routine. Different exercises will focus on using different muscle groups. Failing to incorporate any new techniques and changing your workout, such like; exercise, number of reps, increasing weight or changing body position can be bad and  will simply lead to training with no muscular benefits. Change of reps, sets, movement and exercise are essential whilst training. If no change is applied during your workout then only benefit will you gain will be increasing the cardio-fitness which will help decrease your muscle mass.

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