Use Water to Fight Cancer


When you think about fighting cancer, usually chemotherapy and other nausea inducing drugs come to the forefront of your mind. However, there is something just as powerful and a lot more natural that can help if you’re trying to fend off this vicious disease. It’s called water.

The Connection Between Water and Cancer

Water has long been known to help all of your body systems get and stay healthy, but it is rarely linked as a remedy for this savage killer that afflicts way too many people. However, once you understand how cancer grows, you will begin to realize how water can help protect your cells from allowing this disease to set in and take hold.

By eating a diet high in sugar, grains, and meat, and drinking a lot of soft drinks and other sugar infused options, you increase your body’s pH which leaves you wide open for cancer and other diseases that prey on a weakened and inflamed immune system. Therefore, part of the reason water is so effective is that it helps dilute and lower the acid levels in your body, making it hard for cancer to thrive and grow.  Additionally, keeping your body adequately hydrated boosts your immune system so it is stronger and more able to fend off disease.

Does the Type of Water Matter?

Although ordinary drinking water has a lot of health benefits, pure water is even better. That way, you aren’t taking in a lot of chemicals or pollutants that are doing you more harm than good. Some experts also suggest drinking alkaline water, water that has been infused with baking soda, and water enhanced with other minerals like coral calcium and vitamin C for more cancer fighting effects.

Drink your way to a cancer free body by increasing the amount of water you consume. It can’t protect you from everything, but you’ve got nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by trying it!




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