Low Carb Fat Burning




Having a low-carb diet is great for speedy weight loss, it also has the added benefit of reducing heart disease and regulating your appetite.


It’s ideal to use a low carb when eating throughout the week, a low carb diet is the foundation of TNT (Targeted Nutrition Tactics), limiting carbohydrates helps keep your glycogen and insulin levels low, when these are low you fat-burning mode will stay high as it works away the high fatty acids more effectively.

Studies have shown that eating a low carbohydrate diet can help reduce your appetite.

It’s best to eat a combination of different foods, avoiding food products with more than 12g of carbohydrates per serving, stay away from high complex carbs such as pasta, bread and rice.

When making your choice look for high quality proteins like fish, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and eggs.

You will benefit from eating more natural fats like butter, avocados, cream, olive oil, rapeseed oil, nuts and seeds.

New research has shown that saturated fat doesn’t rise your risk of heart disease when its part of a low carb diet.
Daily low carb Menu


  • Omelette with red onions, peppers and bacon


  • Grilled Chicken thighs and steamed broccoli


  • Steak , mixed salad and a glass of red wine




    Stuffed baby capsicums on olive flutes with rocket


    Recipe serves 2


    4 Baby capsicums

    20 ml olive oil

    1/2 baguette

    2 handfulls rocket




    1 clove garlic roasted

    60g Goats cheese

    30g sundried tomatoes

    3 handfuls fresh spinach


    Preheat oven 170 c


    place baby caps on tray and drizzel with oil, roast for 10 minutes until soft remove


    Whilst caps are in oven palce filling ingredients into blander and blend for less than 30 seconds


    Slice baguette in half then length ways 3 pieces , place on tray and drizzle with oil. 2 mintues oven


    remove capsicums then cut open add filling, place bread on plate.


    Add handful rocket and balsamic dressing


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