pursuing happiness

Today many people think that success is the answer for happiness.

People believe that happiness is conditional, they think happiness can be brought to them through making money or finding the perfect partner. You can’t buy happiness, but you can access happiness more often during your normal day to day life.

Happiness makes people more successful, when we feel happy on the inside of life we will be more rewarding on the outside. Happiness will increase your attraction to others do not panic and worry about little unpredictable experiences, if so life starts to turn upside down and things go wrong.

Incoming Information is processed by specific parts of the brain that determine weather or not the event should make us happy. This is area called the frontal cortex it can be located at the frontal part of the skull,  change depends on which side of the cortex is more active.

People who have more activity in the left side of the cortex tend to be more happy go lucky people, were as the people that use more of the right side of the cortex are often found to be more pessimistic towards life generally.

Once our brain has determined an event has occurred it leads to a chemical adjustment within our brain. Fitness will increase a chemicals called endorphins, these endorphins create a sensation of excitement and help define weather the experience seems to be painful  or pleasurable.

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