Meditations ; relaxing practise for mind & body


 Dr Herbert Benson is a famous American doctor that studied the practise of body mind meditations. Dr Benson had many patients that suffered from high blood pressure, so he devised a simple method of relaxation technique targeting the brain.  He created his own relaxation method for his patients. It was created  from a mixture of eastern and western meditation methods.

Meditations – Benson theory.

four simple factors :

1.Find a quite place

2.Use a short word phase and repeat over and over

3.Adopt a positive attitude – (not just relaxing)

4.Be in a comfortable position

The relaxation response can be achieved by following some simple instructions, Benson suggested saying and repeating a word in your mind, something that has meaning, for example a small word like ‘One’. It has been encouraged to use a word with more personal value to help deepen the relaxation period. You should repeat the word each time you breath out and continue with normal breath patterns.

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