4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bulk Buy Unhealthy Food


Grocery shopping can be quite costly, especially if you’re feeding a family of four (or more). Therefore, in an effort to cut costs, you may be used to buying food items in bulk. While this is certainly a good idea for any healthy foods that you can freeze or store for later use, following this same process with unhealthy food items isn’t as beneficial. Here are four reasons why:

You may want it more. When you have a big bag or box of one of your favorite unhealthy foods, you may find it harder to resist. It’s easier to tell yourself that it’s okay to eat a lot of it because you will still have plenty left. 

Portion sizes are harder to control. How many times have you opened a big bag of chips and told yourself that you’re just going to eat a handful only to look down a few minutes later and see half of the bag gone? This is exactly why having it in bulk puts you at a disadvantage. It is harder to control the portion sizes, which generally means that you’re going to eat more than you should.

You’ll be tempted to eat it before it is out of date. Even if you do have the willpower necessary to keep your portions in check, if you have a hard time throwing away food, you may find yourself eating unhealthy options in an attempt to use them before they go bad.

You’re not actually saving money. Sure, you may be saving on your out-the-door grocery bill, but what you save at the supermarket, you will likely spend in other ways due to being overweight or obese. For instance, Harvard School of Public Health points out that obesity generally costs people in regard to more days off work, lower wages, and higher insurance premiums.

There you have it—four reasons you shouldn’t bulk buy unhealthy food. If you have any more reasons you can think of, add them below!

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