5 best types of self massage equipment

5 best types of self massage equipment - Fitness Health

 5 best types of self massage equipment

When you experience pains or aches after an intense workout, you’ll need some self massage equipment to help. However, with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know which are the best ones for you to choose from. Here are the best and most beneficial types of equipment:

Massage balls

These may look strange but they are perfect for tackling post-gym aches. The spikes are made of rubber and they put pressure on the affected area to relieve tightness. These are recommended for people who need to target pain in more than one muscle group. You can use them when you’re sitting down in a chair or lying on the ground.

Massage sticks

These are designed to target trigger points. They help with pain, soreness and muscle tightness, and can be used against every body part including your neck and arms. It can be used both before and after workouts to enhance recovery and circulation. They are easy to use and transport everywhere you go.

Foam Roller

This is ideal for improving posture and releasing tense muscles, particularly in the thigh area. The bumps knead the tension out, and the roller itself has a strong grip which is good for exercises that strengthen your core. You need to roll over it using your body weight and hold over a painful area for two minutes to release pressure. Try it on your spine, hamstrings and calves.

Motion trigger point

Therapy in Motion Trigger Point equipment includes massage sticks and foam rollers. The massage stick has four independent rollers and is ideal for helping to target pain in any part of your body. The foam roller can both target trigger points and give your muscles a massage at the same time. Both tools are ideal for rehabilitation as well as exercising.

Tennis Balls

This is a simple treatment for chronic aches and pains, and these are more precise than rollers. Unlike a sports massage therapist, they are cheap and you can take them everywhere. To use them effectively, you must trap them between a sore part of your body and a hard surface. They will relieve the trigger points and knots that are hard to reach with your hands.

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