6 Reasons Why vitamin D can protect you from coronavirus

6 Reasons Why vitamin D can protect you from coronavirus - Fitness Health

Vitamin D plays a number of essential roles in the human body. It is a fat-soluble vitamin responsible for keeping our immune system functioning properly. Recent research data has left people thinking whether Vitamin D can reduce the chance of catching the coronavirus.

Unfortunaley, there is still no cure for COVID-19 and only preventive measures like social distancing and proper hygiene praxis can save you from contracting such a virus. And that's where Vitamin D comes in.

Natural sources of Vitamin D include getting sunlight and consuming animal products. Keep reading to know about the 6 reasons why Vitamin D can protect you from cornovirus (particulary, respiratory issues).  

  1. Overall Immunity:

Vitamin D is very helpful when it comes to the proper working of your immune system. A healthy immune system is the first line of defense against diseases and viral infections. Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties which are essential to activate the defense mechanism of the immune system.

  1. T-Cells:

T-cells and macrophages are also known as scavenger cells. These cells are either fixed or move in our bloodstream. The work of these types of cells is to kill harmful microorganisms and digest debris. Vitamin D helps these cells continue to protect us from pathogens.

Low levels of such type of vitamin in the body, according to research, has been shown to increase the risk of diseases, infections, and immune-related disorders. Vitamin D can not only protects us from coronavirus but also tuberculosis, pulmonary diseases, asthma, and other respiratory infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

Through consuming such a vitamin, you can strengthen your immune system to help increase your ability to fight coronavirus.

  1. Lungs:

Deficiency of Vitamin D directly affects nartual lung function. Weak lungs don’t have the ability to fight respiratory infections. It has been proven that Vitamin D consumption lowers the risk of getting respiratory diseases (due to healtheir lungs).

It's also the reason why countries that have direct exposure to sunlight don’t have a large population suffering from pneumonia or other respiratory diseases.

  1. Bone Diseases:

Some studies are linking osteoporosis and COVID-19. Research on such a link is still going on, but previous research does show that Vitamin D counteracts the formation of osteoporosis due to its calcium absorption properties.

This means, that Vitamin D helps calcium to be absorbed by the bones. Strong bones do relate to having a stronger immune system. Thus, your body will be better when it comes to fighting coronavirus infections.

  1. Mental State

You might not know about this, but poor mental health has a negative impact on your immune system. Constantly feeling depressed or stressed takes a toll on your body. Now, Vitamin D has been known to help improve a person's mood.

So, in a sense, a good mood leads to better immunity which leads to lower risks of being infected by coronavirus.

  1. Reduses the Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Date shows that a majority of diabetic patients suffer the worst experience due to a cornonavirus infection. Most of them don't recover at all. However, adequate Vitamin D levels can help prevent one from reaching the Diabetes Type-2 stage.

So, proper consumption of such a vitamin can keep diabetes at bay and promote a body with a stronger immune system to prevent viral illnesses belonging to the coronavirus category.

Wrapping It Up

While research to find a cure of COVID-19 is in progress, it’s up to you to do what you can to protect yourself from getting such an illness. Giving your body the required amount of Vitamin D can help you in such a battle.

A strong immune system is our only natural defense against illnesses. So, along with proper social distancing measures, you should work on improving your immume health, too.


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