best organic foods to eat


There are a number of benefits to limiting the amount of chemicals, preservatives, and other unnatural substances in the foods you eat by choosing organic options, such as lower toxicity levels, fewer hormone-related issues, and even better taste. So which foods are best when you select organic versus nonorganic?

Here are some to consider, as well as some tasty ways to enjoy eating them more:

  • Chicken. Chemicals found in poultry have been linked to cancer (breast cancer specifically), which is one good reason to choose organic instead. Chop it up and put it on a bed of greens for a healthy salad or add lemon juice to a cooked, full breast and throw it on a bed of rice.
  • Beef. Some of the hormones in nonorganic beef have also been linked to cancer, making this food option much better if you select organic. One way to cook it is to grill up some diced onions and mushrooms and mix it in with ground beef for hamburgers that delight the taste buds.
  • Berries. Ideally you want all of your fruit to be organic, but definitely berries in particular since their seeds tend to soak up a lot of the pesticides. Berries are great on cereal, in oatmeal, and even on salads. Of course, you could just eat them plain too.
  • Apples. If you like to eat apples, you’ll want these to be organic as the nonorganic ones tend to contain a lot of pesticides. They’re good as a snack, but if you crave something sweet, they’re also great cut in half with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dab of honey.
  • Peppers. Whether you like green, orange, or yellow peppers, make sure you buy organic. They go great in a stir-fry, dipped in hummus, or diced and mixed into your favorite dish.

Eat these organic foods and it will be better for you.

What foods do you like to buy organic? Share them below!

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