Does Maca Roots Work For Fertility


Maca root is most commonly known as the Incan super-food. It is called super-food as it increases the energy levels as well as benefits the libido. The fertility factors of Maca roots are discovered by the farmers, who saw an increase in the fertility rate of their cattle after the consumption of Maca roots.

It’s been centuries since the discovery of Maca roots, but its consumption for fertility hasn’t died yet. People still consider this herb, from the heart of Peru, to be of vital importance when it comes to curing fertility issues in both men and women.

Does it really work? Is this the magic drug that people need for their fertility treatment? Or is it just a hoax? Read ahead, to know if it really works.

What Exactly is Maca Root:

It is an adaptogen that aids your body in adapting stress and stressful situations. Moreover, it’s known to help balance the hormones in the human body, both male and female. It also helps enhance fertility and treat certain factors that may cause infertility. Andes Mountains is where authentic Maca root is obtained from, and the Natives of that area swear by the magic of these roots. They have been using it for centuries. Not only does it help male fertility, but it also helps women who find it hard to conceive or miscarry easily. Maca Root supplements are full of energy. Hence they are the best supplements to have during and post pregnancy.

Maca Root and Fertility Treatment:

Here’s how Maca Root increases fertility as well as treat infertility:

  1. a) Maca root regulate and balances hormones which result in healthy ovulation in women. It also helps increase the level of testosterone in male, which increases the chances of fertility. It’s also known for enhancing the sex drive of both men and women. Healthy and stress-free sex life can lead to a healthy pregnancy.
  2. b) Conceiving, Pregnancy and post pregnancy, the three stages of a couple’s life that require more energy than anything. Most people rely on multiple cups of coffee to help increase their energy levels. Coffee is a known stimulant, but studies have shown that coffee can cause fertility problems. Hence we now need a healthy alternative to coffee, one that has the same effect as coffee, but one that isn’t harmful.
    Maca root is the perfect answer to this problem. It’s the perfect source of lasting energy. Maca root stabilises sugar and glucose level in the bloodstream, giving the consumer lasting energy throughout the day. Moreover, it’s known to support and aid the adrenals in male and female body alike.
  3. c) Maca root is the perfect supplement as it contains many minerals as well as vitamins that are essential when a couple is trying to conceive. These include Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Phytonutrients, Calcium, Fatty acid and Amino acid among others. It helps you get all the minerals and vitamins that your daily meals may lack. These extra minerals and vitamins result in healthy ovulation. Healthy ovulation is needed for healthy conception.

When to Use Maca Roots:

Like all medicines, Maca root also has a particular time and dosage. The best time to use Maca roots as per natives and other experts is when the production of the hormone is low. A couple facing infertility usual have low hormone, so it’s pretty safe for them to use Maca root.

The best times for women to consume Maca roots would be.

  1. a) When she comes off the pill.
  2. b) When she is over 35
  3. c) When planning for a second child.


All in all, Maca root is known for balancing hormones and increase sex drive. We’d say there is no harm in giving it a go since all natural products are hardly harmful.



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