its ok not to be okay

 Its Ok Not To Be Okay

Sometimes you might feel sad and lonely, but understand that feeling such emotions is entirely alright. Unlike what the society has to say, feeling sad and showing that you’re sad does not mean that you’re weak. If you keep your sadness and anger bottled up, you’ll end up exploding because of all this emotion. Everyone has both good and bad days; nobody is happy all the time. You’re a human; you’re bound to experience these emotions, one day you’ll ecstatic, and the next day you’ll feel down. It might be a little difficult o accepts but it is true. People who are suffering from mental illness if it even harder to always seem happy, as most of their days are low. But just because you’re sad and angry does not mean that you’re depressed. People, who are not suffering from any mental illness also experience this state of mind and rush of emotions at times in their lives and its okay!

Understand that every day is not going to be perfect

You are going to experience a rough patch, a major setback, a sad day when nothing seems to work out. You might encounter an unexpected challenge, and you might be stressed out because you don’t know what to do. Some days you’ll have zero motivation to leave your bed and go outside and interact with people. You won’t feel like doing anything productive at all, what might happen is that you might get plagued with self-doubt instead. Understand that

  • You don’t have to be strong all the time          
  • You are allowed to cry your heart out until you feel better
  • You can admit that you’re not okay
  • Understand that it’s completely OK not to be OK!

You will struggle   

It’s not easy to accept how you feel, you have thought like will these sudden mood swings end? Will you ever go back to being cheerful you? Admitting that you’re not okay isn’t easy, even if you’re admitting to yourself it won’t be easy at all. And this is because we humans feel the need to stay strong all the time. You will feel guilty for not being able to stay strong, after all, how can our feel sorry for yourself and cry, other people don’t do such things right?

Wrong! Everyone has these ups and downs in their lives, but nobody mentions them.

Know that it is okay to feel uninspired

Just because nobody else feels sad doesn’t mean that you should resist how you feel. If you feel unmotivated then it oaky, you shouldn’t worry about other people are doing, remember everyone knows his feeling they choose not to talk about it. Everyone goes through these emotions; understand that these emotions won’t last forever. The more you’re going to resist this feeling the worse you’ll feel. Don’t force yourself to feel better, be patient, this feeling will go away.

Forgive yourself and move on

Usually, when one feels this way, he tends to blame himself forever bad thing that happens. At times you tend to blame others as well. You must lean rot forgive yourself and others as well. Take a break, stop doing things that make you unhappy, if you want to lie on the couch and do nothing, and go for it. However, don’t spend every day doing anything. Try to get into a routine; you don’t have to be hard on yourself, do the dishes, do your laundry, clean the house keep yourself busy.


Don’t blame yourself, understand that its complement ok for you to not feel okay. If you really want to change your plans, then do so whenever you want to. You don’t have top anything If you don’t feel comfortable doing it. Everyone has the right to fall apart at the time so that you can get back up and find yourself once again.


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