Learn about Managing your time more Efficiently (get things done)

Learn about Managing your time more Efficiently (get things done) - Fitness Health


With a hectic, busy life it is easy to feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day. You may find yourself so preoccupied with small things that big tasks never seem to get accomplished which can lead into feelings of frustration and hopelessness about your work situation or home management

The average person spends around 24-hours per week on their daily activities; this includes sleeping time! But how many minutes do we really spend doing something specifically because we enjoy doing them? It's estimated only 15% (or less)of our waking hours actually participate directly towards fulfilling obligations such as paid employment - think about what could happen if those percentages changed: more

Time management can be difficult but it's so important. It’s the ability to plan your day and use time efficiently in order complete tasks on schedule while also taking care of other obligations such as work or school (or both!).

Work smart. Use your time well and efficiently by following these 4 tips:

1) Prioritize,

2) Create a list of important tasks to complete in order from most urgent (top) down;

3)  Get things out on time so they don't pile up or take over the day

4) Make sure you do those first thing each morning - before any other work gets done! And remember that if there's something more complicated than what someone could have handled then it should go at bottom

Social media is a waste of time, and you should turn it off to focus on more important tasks.

It can be hard not having access to newsfeeds but if they interrupt what we're doing then there's no point in checking them at all since your work will suffer! Try committing only once or twice per day so that the hours spent scrolling through other people’s updates don't add up over weeks/months--you'll find yourself actually getting accomplished stuff with less stress around when bothering others online isn't beneficial anymore anyway

You’ve been focusing for hours. The room is dark and you can barely hear the sound of your own thoughts as they race through a dozen different ideas that might just work, but need more time to test before diving in headfirst with confidence like never before then again there's no pressure- this could take all day...or not even enough light left on battery power at home so trying Not To Forget About It Tonight ! 

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