Working 9-5 - Rest and Recuperation is underrated

Working 9-5 - Rest and Recuperation is underrated - Fitness Health

Working 9-5 - Rest and Recuperation is underrated

Work is an important part of each and everyone’s life but working and also keeping the surrounding in mind is necessary, and our health depends on that. We must understand why switching off is important to us, our family and most of all our health. Research says only 5% people tend to pause between work to make others smile or to attend calls other than that of work. This is one of the nastiest problems in the world leading to issues in life and family as well as health.

Head of research and resource development at the mental health not-for-profit agency known as beyondblue, Nick Arvanitis, says that stress on workers has increased immensely in the past ten years, particularly due to new communications technology that has taken work out of the traditional workplace.

He claims that, nowadays, people are not only working in the office for long hours but are also taking work home more frequently. These 9-5 office workers believe that this is something they have to do, to keep up, according to Nick and they feel guilty trying to switch off. 

Why switching off is essential?

Switching off can do wonders for the mind, relationships and your life in general. Many times our positivity regarding work makes us suffer. Recently only overheard case was regarding an office worker who treated work as his priority, and in the end, lost all his other priorities which were to be kept first. Those who can switch off can live a healthy, fatigue-free life. They suffer no mental stress and even get greater marital satisfaction.

 Why is it so difficult to switch off from work?

 It makes us slower and stupid. We tend to get attached to it, and at the ending moment, our laptop has thousands of work left undone and we take the stress! This way switching off or getting distracted makes us take the wrong decisions which destroy our task.  In spite of technology permitting us to work less, we work more.  We just work more and more and never think of ourselves or our health.

What does switching off brings us?

One study, for instance, found men who reported an inability to relax after work had an approximately three-fold increased risk of heart disease. Instantly switching off brings us ease, joy, a moment of inner peace.  Switching off will allow you to enjoy the time you have away, relax and have fun.

How to make switching off possible?

- Turning off your phone, leaving your device behind and maybe even considering booking somewhere to stay without Wi-Fi.

- Having a lunch break away from your workplace.

- Meditating makes us divert our mind and is one of the most important and helpful activities.

- Do not jump to a new task until you complete the current one.

- Cooking dinner also makes us forget about our work.

- Sometimes finding hobbies help too. This helps us to do the things we love and this way our mind gets diverted too, and we forget the level of stress we have.

- Drawing something can also make us feel better and takes our mind to a more magical and creative world hence relaxing your mind.

- Taking deep breathes also help.

Hence it is clear that your attention and time are two things very valuable and should be spent on those who deserve it most. We must spend our quality time in giving attention and obsessing over those problems and people who matter to us and are our priority. This way our life will go smoothly and end up without regrets and sorrows.

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