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Protein Protein supplies your body with the necessary amino acids needed to maintain healthy body tissue. While many of the amino acids that your body needs are produced within your body, there are some that can only be obtained from outside food sources, such as chicken or nuts. Fat Fat is another term that is often misunderstood. Many individuals view it as a nutrient that is detrimental to their health. There are two main types of fat: omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. While the over consumption of foods high in fat can lead to a number of negative...

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  Myth 1: Always Eat Fruit on an Empty Stomach This myth claims that eating fruit with meals slows digestion, and causes food to sit in your stomach and ferment or rot. This myth also claims that eating fruit with meals is what causes gas, discomfort and a range of other unrelated symptoms. While it’s true that the fibre in fruit can slow the release of food from your stomach, the rest of these claims are false. Although fruit can cause your stomach to empty more slowly, it does not cause food to sit in your stomach indefinitely. One study...

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