Farmers Walk Fitness Benefits

If you aren’t currently doing the Farmers Walk in your exercise routine, you are really missing out. This type of training offers a ton of benefits. But first, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Farmers Walk, let’s talk about what it is.

A lot of times you see the Farmers Walk in strong man competitions. This is where the participant grabs a huge weight in each hand and walks a certain distance with them. For you to do it, it is as simple as picking up two large dumbbells or kettle bells. Or, you could truly put the “farmer” in it and fill two pails with water or sand (or food for your cattle) and walk with those.

The Benefits of the Farmers Walk

As mentioned previously, doing this one simple offers a lot of benefits. For starters, it really works the muscles in your upper back. You will feel the pulling sensation as you’re carrying the weight, letting you know that you’re making some gains—without causing undue stress on your shoulders.

The Farmers Walk is also advantageous to the muscles around your core. Because you’re going to be stabilizing the weights, balancing your body so that you don’t lean one way or the other, you’ll feel it in your abdominals and lower back.

Another place you will feel it is in your forearms. Because the weights will cause strain on these particular muscles, it will help tone them and define them. In fact, if you don’t feel it in your forearms, then you either have too light of a weight or aren’t walking far enough.

Finally, this particular exercise is so easy to do, that pretty much anyone can do it. As long as you can walk and carry things in your hands, you’ve got all you need to succeed!

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