What Is Strength Training

The process through which the musculoskeletal system is strengthened by using heavy resistances exercises is known as strength training.

Strength training is also known as body building/sculpting, resistance training and weight training/lifting.

Strength Training – its Benefits

1)      Muscle fibers become stronger and increase in size.

2)      Bones, tendons and ligaments become increase density, this helps reduce risks from injuries like sprains or breaks

3)      Decreases risks from suffering bone diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis 

4)      Strength training increases the metabolism and body fitness level. It also enhances our physical appearance.


How to go about building strength?

  • Building strength is a long training process and cannot be achieved overnight.

  • To build strength you must overload the muscle with weight and put it under physical stress. Absorbing the work from  each repetition will help you build muscle and develop strength.

  • During training gradually increase the resistance so that you can develop powerful muscles. This technique is known as progressive loading.

  • While training, after you increase the resistance make sure to decrease it in the next training session and then again gradually increase the resistance to a new higher resistance.

  • You should increase the speed of training because fast training will help you to gain momentum and muscle fibers.

  • It is essential to gain power. Do power lifting to gain immense power during strength training. Power allows you to increase the acceleration from zero to maximum level.


Methods for Strength Training

Machines are used for strength training. The movement is restricted while doing exercise through a machine. If training is not done under the guidance of a certified instructor than the risk of injury is high while using an exercise machine. Through machines you can do all kinds of exercises.

By using barbells, strength training can be done by lifting weights. This is the oldest and the best way of building muscles. Start by using light weights and then increase it gradually. More weight means getting more strength. Doing weight lifting through barbells will allow you to do exercises like over-head press, squatting and bench press.

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