Best 3 Leg, Buttock and Core Exercises for Power Sandbag Training


Sandbag training does amazing things for you. It helps you build your stability and improve your sports performance. Plus, you can do it virtually anywhere, it’s fairly inexpensive, and yet you still get a great workout. This makes this type of training very beneficial for a number of reasons.

So, whether you’ve never done it before and are ready to try or you’ve been sandbag training for years, here are three leg and buttock exercises that will help you increase your strength, while also increasing your power:

  • Squats. Squats work primarily your thighs, but they also work your buttocks and other leg muscles as well. There are a couple of ways that you can do them with a sandbag, such as holding the sandbag over your head, putting it behind your head, lying it on one shoulder, or cradling it in your arms. These will all work your thighs, but you may want to switch them up to work various upper body muscles too.

  • Side lunges. Side lunges are great for quadriceps, inner and outer thighs, your hips, and your buttocks. Just as with the squats, you have a variety of ways you can do them with sandbags. For instance, you can bend slightly forward and hold the handles on the sandbag, allowing it to come within a couple of inches from the floor as you descend to each side. Another option is to place the sandbag over the back of your shoulders so it is lying on your upper back as that works too.

  • Burpees. Burpees definitely work your muscles hard, making them a great addition to this lower body sandbag workout. Simply keep your hands on the handles as you progress through the burpee. Use it to stabilize yourself as you do the push-up, and when you stand up, pull the sandbag with you and hold it over your head.

Do these three exercises with sandbags and your muscles will grow big and strong. What are your favorite lower body sandbag exercises?

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