Free Weights Vs Resistance Machines



If your goal is to build muscle, the only way to do it is by straining your muscle against weight or resistance. The question is: Are free weights better at making you big and strong or do resistance machines provide a more efficient workout?

Here is a brief comparison to help you decide which one you’d rather incorporate into your fitness routine:

  • Probably the most notable difference between free weights and resistance machines is the amount of space they take up. Depending on your level of fitness, you may need only one or two variations in weight amounts, which means finding a place to put a couple sets of dumbbells in your home should be very easy whereas if you use a resistance machine, it is going to take up much more room. One exception to this is if you have a workout regimen that requires a lot of different free weights. In that case, the machine may actually require less space.
  • Cost is another comparison to consider, especially if you are working out at home versus going to a gym. You can usually get weights and bars for a pretty miniscule price but machines can range in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
  • Also, free weights force you to keep proper form on your own but resistance machines generally put your body in the position necessary to get the best results without risking injury. So, if you’re not sure what proper form is, machines may be better for you but if you have learned how to stand or sit while using free weights, then you can use them to build your muscle without risking harm to yourself.

It doesn’t matter which method you choose to grow your muscles bigger and stronger because as long as you create a resistance and force your muscles to work harder than normal, you will get results. So, maybe the real question to ask yourself is which ones you prefer based on the above considerations.

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