standard plate weights: great value for the cost


Having your own home gym is a great way to get and stay in shape. However, that also means that you need to equip that gym with the right tools to help you develop the body you desire. One of those tools is standard plate weights.

These weights attach to pretty much any weight lifting bar or dumbbell, enabling you to work all of your muscle groups without having to buy different pieces of equipment for each one. And they’re fairly cost effective too.

Depending on which brand you buy, you’re likely to pay somewhere around £2.50 per kilo if you choose to purchase them new. But if you’re okay with used standard weight plates, you can potentially save a decent amount of money as most sites offer them as low as £1 to £2 per kilo on average, depending largely on how old the weights are and what condition they’re in.

Additionally, unlike a lot of other items, standard weight plates retain their value over time. They’re not like cars which lose almost half of their value the moment you drive them off the lot. Or, to provide an even more relevant example, they’re not like exercise equipment which becomes outdated or obsolete within a year or two thanks to newer, higher tech versions.

Take treadmills for example. It used to be that a treadmill was a belt on a group of stationary round cylinders that you had to completely propel on your own. Now, you can get treadmills that incline, decline, keep track of your pace and heart rate, and more.

Weight plates are different. They have been almost the same over the years, which means that they also retain their value. This makes them a good investment for your body and your money, which is a true win/win situation.

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