Basic Leg Barbell Training Day

Basic Leg Barbell Training Day - Fitness Health

This is a basic workout which includes two barbell leg exercises finishing with plyometric jumps at the end of the workout. These three exercises are as following 


 1.Grasp the barbell with both hands, then move into the clean and press position.  Press the barbell over the head and bring the bar back down so its resting on the back of the shoulders. 

2. With your leg, step forward about three feet until your thigh is parallel to the floor so the opposite knee is nearly touching the floor.
3.  Then return to start position bringing the leg up back to straight position standing tall. 


1. Place your feet at shoulder width apart. Pull your shoulder blades back.

2. Slowly bend your knees and lower your body.

Box Jumps 

1. Place your feet at shoulder width apart, lower down in the squat position whilst lowering build you muscles ready for explosive jump. Once ready release the moment and jump forwards into the air whilst drawing your knees up to clear the box height. 

2. Land on top of the box, repeat the movement forward again this time landing on the floor. 


basic leg workout day

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