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Fitness Health

Spinach Powder

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Spinach Powder, Diet, Vitamin Smoothie, Energy Detox, Weight Loss 100g

100% SPINACH POWDER 100G - Our Spinach Powder is made to the Highest Possible Standard to ensure the best results when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet.

PURE SPINACH POWDER Depending on your daily requirements Free from lactose, salt, starch, maize, wheat/gluten, yeast, dairy, artificial preservatives & colours and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

SUPERFOOD & HIGH IN A-C-E – This powder is suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian diets and can be mixed with other foods or simply added as an ingredient for cooking

FITNESS HEALTH UK MADE TRUSTED BRAND - Many supplements have been imported from other countries and often simply bottled here in the UK. Our products are 100% Manufactured in the UK within a GMP compliant.

BIODEGRADABLE PACKING We are reducing our amount of plastic usage and alternately using greener biodegradable products which are better for the plane



- It may reduce oxidative stress

- Eye health


Fitness Health Spinach powder suitable for vegans and rich in Zinc and Selenium.

Derived only from fresh spinach.

The most nutrient rich powdered vegetable which is Packed with vitamins and minerals. High in Vitamins A,C,E.

Ideally used 30grams per serving mixed with water.

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