The 3 Simple HITT Exercises You can do at home

The 3 Simple HITT Exercises You can do at home - Fitness Health



Heal to bum exercise is a warm up exercise great for extending the hamstring muscles and quads. Its important when running to try to remain as light on your feet as possible, this helps reduce the amount of shock from the floor and is a good technique to learn for runners. 

HITT exercise is important to start slow and increase the speed and movement. For example running forward whilst completing the exercise. 

Jumping jacks are excellent for total body movement and is a great way to cut down on fat and it burns a lot of calories. 

The High knee exercise is another high energy exercise that helps with development of running. The body movement skill of driving the knees up high whilst running helps correct posture and much like the heal to bum exercise you should have minimal contact with the floor.  Increasing speed and add arm movement for higher intensity workouts.  




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