What is cardio fitness


Cardio fitness is Stamina & Endurance workouts which include: Aerobic fitness, cardio respiratory fitness ( Heart & Lungs) The ability to take in, transport and utilize oxygen with in our body. Cardio fitness is an activity, rhythmic in nature, continuous. It uses large muscle groups under low or moderate tension over a long period of time, this is referred to as aerobic exercise. Maintaining cardio vascular health is important for all of us, people with a different more specific goal such like football, rugby and tennis players requiring a high level of cardio fitness.  They ability to transport oxygen around our body's muscles quick and effectively, by completing lots of cardio training we increase the hearts ability to pump larger amounts of blood around the body. Cardio = Heart, So this means  cardio fitness is known as heart fitness.                 



Recommendations on the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise required for your specific program will differ from from those for health fitness programs. The ACSM recommend that in order for your program to develop cardiovascular fitness you should exercise three to five times per week, at 55% to 90% of your maximum heart rate.

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