Best Toning and Weightloss Equipment

Toning the entire body is done using a variety of methods. From weight training to interval training, there are many options.

But what about if you only had a couple of pieces of Toning and Weightloss equipment to choose from that are going to tone you up the best? Here are a couple of my favourite pieces of toning equipment.

Rowing Machine

For a full body tone and excellent aerobic work out the rowing machine is your go-to piece of toning equipment. Working the lower and upper body, the rowing machine provides an intense workout. The rowing machine must be done properly by allowing your legs to do most of the initial work. This prevents back injury and allows for an effective workout.

Balance Ball

Versatile and simple, a balance ball provides toning in any part of the body that you desire. The most frequent use of the balance ball is for core excises. Different variations of core strengthening exercises can be done a balance ball while also benefiting other parts of the body. Incline push-ups are one example of an upper body and core toning exercise that can be done on a balance ball.

Jump Rope 

Who knew a simple childhood toy could be a killer piece of toning equipment?  Jump rope exercises burn fat away and tone up the body. Different time limits and speeds can be used to create an intense workout. You can also purchase a weighted jump rope for an even harder and greater toning workout.

Bench Press

Now don’t think just because it’s called a bench press means the only exercise you can do on it is the bench press. It only starts with the bench press, a classic and ultra beneficial exercise that tones the chest and overall upper body. On a bench press, you can use the barbell for all kinds of toning excises. You can do bicep curls, rows, triceps extensions, shrugs, and even take the bar to the floor for deadlifts. The bench press is the most versatile piece of equipment in the gym besides maybe the squat rack. Regardless the bench press is an incredibly effective piece of equipment to tone the entire body.


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