What Is the Best Time of Day to Work Out?


This is a question that has been asked time and time again and one that, admittedly, has drawn a lot of different answers, probably leaving you confused as to which time of day is best when it comes to working out. Well, if it is results you want, you’ll do better to get your exercise in first thing in the morning and let me tell you why.

Greater Calorie Burn

Probably the best reason to get out of bed and workout is because you’ll burn more calories during the course of the day when you start out getting your heart rate going and your muscles burning. This means that you will meet your weight loss or muscle gain goal even quicker, reducing the amount of time you spend in the “struggle zone.”

Fewer People Around

Another reason morning workouts are best is because there are less people out and about. That means that if you work out in the gym, it is going to be less crowded. And if you are hitting the trails or paths at your local park or nature center, you’ll run into fewer people along the way. This means less competition for the equipment and pathways so you can focus on what you are doing, not on everyone else.

Being Better Prepared for the Day

When you work out in the morning, you start your day off on a good note and are more prepared for whatever happens in the hours ahead. You know you’ve done something positive for yourself and it makes the rest of the day more positive as well. You also have more energy so you can handle work, home, and extracurricular activities with ease.

You Start Out De-Stressed

This reason is particularly important if you tend to carry a lot of stress at work (and even at home). Start your day out getting rid of the stress your body and mind are holding on to and you’ll feel calmer and more in control all day long.

How do you feel about morning workouts?

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