Best Cardio Machines for Burning Fat

Best Cardio Machines for Burning Fat - Fitness Health


Have a gander at these three cardio machines that will provide you with the most fat loss bang for your buck at the gym:

1.      Step Mill

The Step Mill (which looks like a big set of rotating stairs), ensures that the entirety of your body weight is on a single leg at a time (in a lunge pattern). Hypothetically speaking, if you’re exercising on it at, let’s say, sixty steps per minute, it is akin to lunging sixty times for each minute that you’re using it. Moreover, due to the fact that the principal muscles of the legs are being trained, a larger calorie expenditure is occurring, thereby increasing the demand on the body and the total amount of fat that is being burned.

 2.      Ergonomic Rower

Simulating the movement pattern of a typical row allows for the whole body to contribute to the force being implemented per stroke. Consequently, the heart has to beat faster to enable the blood to travel to all of the main muscle groups, which, in essence, means that a larger degree of calories are being used.


 3.      Treadmill

Due to the fact that this is most commonly used, it should be on the list. The ideal way to go about it is to make use of intervals and varying degrees of inclination. The reasoning behind this is that maintaining a constant cadence on a flat surface is not particularly difficult, whereas executing the movement on an incline raises the difficulty sufficiently to maximise the amount of work being done per unit of time. Intervals, ultimately, increase the intensity as well, which maximises the amount of calories being used.[1][2]    


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