The fastest way to burn calories in the gym


Increasing your calorie burn in your workout is important for weight loss, but do you know which machine will deliver the best results in the shortest time.

Recently Dublin University researchers completed a detailed result on burning ratio with cardiovascular machines, here are the results they discovered;

Burning 200 calories on the cardio machines would take;

  • 14 minutes - Treadmill
  • 16 minutes- Cross trainer
  • 21 minutes- Rower
  • 29 minutes - Bike

The results show that the fastest way to burn calories is by exercising on the Treadmill. All these exercises were completed at high intensity.

The reason for this result is that when we choose running for exercising we're using more muscle groups during that exercise.  We increase the resistance with more body weight being added into the movement. The other cardio machines support body weight more, this produces less body weight resistance and therefor we use less calories during the exercise.


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