Abdominal 10 Minutes Advance Gym Workout

Posted by Rene Harwood on

Ab workout

This is a ten minute workout that aims to strengthen the core and abdominal muscle. This basic routine would be ideal for people whom have an advanced fitness capability. This would not be recommended for beginners, as the exercise's involve a lot of isometric holds and lower body lifts. The hanging raises should be completed with high quality gym equipment, this equipment should be tested to hold more than double your bodyweight before exercising.  

Ab Exercises

Hanging Leg Raises

Walking Plank 

Barbell Roll-out 

Hanging Knee Raises 

I completed this exercise routine with an 30 second break in-between sets and on the last set I rested for 1 minute. Remember form is most important, so if you have to take long breaks do so, make sure that the form remains the same throughout. You don't have to complete all the sets if your starting out just do one set , then build from there.