Exercise with Omega 3 can help Lose Weight Faster

A new discovery found that consuming more fish oil in your diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.The recent study took place in Austrialia with a group of obese individuals, over three months they were placed into 4 separate groups and given different tasks to complete. 


Group 1 -  Changed their diet by eating more fish oils, but didn’t exercise regularly

Group 2 -  Exercised 3 days a week for 45 minutes cardiovascular exercise (running and walking), without any fish oils 

Group 3 - Combined fish oils and cardiovascular exercise 3 times per week

Group 4 - Changed nothing 


The best results after 3 months for that the 3rd group who exercised 3 times per week and increased their omega 3 oils  achieved the most weight loss.   The results found that the third group, who consumed fish oils whilst exercising regularly lost an average of 2kg over a 3 month period, without having any dietary restrictions. 


None of the other groups managed to lose weight. The evidence showed that the winning combination of fish oils increase with exercise helps the blood flow to the muscles faster during exercise, therefore increases the transportation of oxygen which increases fat-burning. 

This study was made with omega 3 rich  foods, the omega 3 foods contain fatty acids that can reduce the risks of heart disease and have an ability to help boost the brain. Omega-3 can also help against hypertension, risks of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers.


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