Gyms are intimidating

Gyms are often intimidating places. Whether you're a first timer or a regular gym goer, we all generally only notice the people with big muscles and delightfully toned bodies. We never really notice the normal gym goers, the people with the normal bodies. So, guess what, watching very fit and very muscly people train in a gym is rarely a motivator, in fact it can be a huge demotivator, especially for people who are just starting out. It can and often does increase the pressure to "do well" leading us to push ourselves too much. In the worst cases, trying to "do well" can lead to burnout or serious long term injury and can destroy fitness programs immediately. Too much pressure and unattainable or unrealistic goals often lead to guess what... failure. Failure in this case may mean that you stay unfit for a long, long time. But, you don't need a gym to get fit! At home or outdoors, everyone seems to make radical changes when they choose a fitness trainer, program or plan. It rarely has to be painful, in fact it only needs to be when you are in a short term plan to get fit really quickly. Most people don't need to do that. Here are some tips to a successful training plan.
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