600 rep gym total body 45 minute workout

600 Rep Gym Total Body 45 Minute Workout

This 600 rep workout focuses on two exercises of specific body muscle groups legs, back and chest. This will improve strength, aim for better technique,  lower weight and higher reps.


Always warm up before the workout and stretch off post workout. 


Exercise Equipment Weight Reps Sets
Chest Press Barbell 60 kg 10 10
Wall ball Shots Wall ball 5 kg 10 10
Squats N/A bodyweight 10 10
Incline Press Parallel Bars bodyweight 10 10
Bent Over Rows Dumbbells 15 kg 10 10
Lat Rows Close Hand Cable machine 50 kg 10 10
Time scale 
15-20 minutes Excellent
21-26 minutes Just under excellent
27 - 32 minutes above average
33 -44 minutes Average
45minutes BelowAverage
Fitness health code of practice before training please read; https://fitnesshealth.co/pages/code-of-practice-for-fitness-routines

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