ab and core workout 30 minutes


Ab and core Workout  1

Duration - 30 min - ( + 5 minutes warm up and cool down ) 

Target - Core muscle training 

Fitness level - Intermediate 

Please warm up before and cool down after any workout. 

Workout  1:
Exercise: (1 set of each followed by the other) SETS REPS Rest
1-Half Crunches 3 20 reps 0-10secs
2-Flutter Kicks 3 20 reps 0-10secs
3-Ab Bicycle 3 15 reps 0-10secs
4-Plank 3 to burnout 1-2mins

Fitness health shall not be liable for incident or consequential damages resulting from use of this product, or arising. Please contact a fitness professional or GP before performing any physical activity. All exercises should be made in a slow and controlled manner. 

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