Leg and Back 45 minute 300 rep blast

Leg and Back 45 minute 300 rep blast - Fitness Health

Set up the stations before you workout, the goal is to complete 50 reps of each exercises. I completed this workout with the 10 rep sets. You choose your own system for the circuit. I try to work alternate muscle groups ie, chest and back, 

I would recommend a really good warm up for this workout, focus on the legs and lower back for the main exercises snatch, deadlifts and squats. 

If you can use the foam roller to warm up and relax the muscles before and after this session. 


Exercise Equipment Weight Reps Sets
Squat barbell 60kg 10 5
snatch kettlebell 8kg 10 5
Back row cable machine 60kg 10 5
incline press parralell bars bodyweight 10 5
Deadlift barbell 60kg 10 5
Lat pull down cable machine 50kg 10 5


Fitness health code of practice before training please read;  https://fitnesshealth.co/pages/code-of-practice-for-fitness-routines 

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