10 essential pieces of equipment you need for long distance running

10 essential pieces of equipment you need for long distance running

 10 essential pieces of equipment you need for long distance running

If you tend to run long distances, you will know how important having the right gear is. You will recognise the following products if you have been running for some time, but if you are just starting out, they will help you to stay on track and get the best out of your running. Read on to see which items are essential for long distances:

Running shoes

These are the most important item for runners. You must not run in shoes designed for other sports, as they will not provide you with the right support you need for running. Go to sports’ shops and ask an assistant for help in finding the right shoes for you. Don’t just pick a pair because they seem to fit well or you like the look of them. Try all sorts of different brands and jog around the shop in them before you make your choice.

A watch/tracker

This will come in handy when you start a training programme, as tracking your route and recording your speed and distance will help you improve in your running. It even enables you to upload a training plan and log your results to your computer. Most importantly, it can show you certain patterns in your session which you may want to improve on, such as if you are starting off too quickly and tiring easily.

A sports bra

Running without one can cause stretching of the ligaments around the breasts which cannot be reversed. Good sports bras can reduce breast movement by 60%, so be sure to buy one designed for high-impact sports. A - B cup sizes need crop top compression styles, and bigger sizes need moulded cups.


When you run, you may end up having aches, pains and possibly injuries. It is recommended you use athletic kinesiology tape. In particular, Strength Tape is the best brand as it helps with stability and support, and does not restrict your movements unlike a brace.


Music can help spur you on as you run, and you also need appropriate headphones. Spotify Premium lets you download as many songs as you like or listen to your favourite radio station. However, you need access to the internet for most of its features, so making your own playlists is ideal.

Try M6 Memory Wire in-ear headphones for high quality sound, and which don’t fall out. They fit over your ears and mould to their shape. They even come with ear tips in various shapes and sizes for you to choose the ones that suit you best.

A technical t-shirt

This moves sweat from your skin to the outside of the garment, where it then evaporates. In comparison to cotton, they are cool and light next to the skin. They are usually made of nylon by brands such as Dri-Fit.

A lightweight jacket

This is essential for when you are training in cold or wet weather. You need one that is both waterproof and breathable, when means letting sweat escape, instead of one that is just waterproof and steams up inside. Choose one that is unlined with a slim cut, which lets you move more freely, and lots of vents.

Heat protection

On a warm day, always remember to put on suncream. You need to protect your eyes too, so try sports sunglasses. They are lightweight and stylish, so you even can wear them when you’re not running.

A sports drink

This can help to increase your energy levels, as they are full of complex carbohydrates. You can drink it before and after a training session, during a long, hard session or whilst doing speed reps. Some can even replace the fluid you lose during training.


Running socks are free from scratchy seams and are contoured to your feet. Unlike cotton socks, they are designed to dry quickly and easily.

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