10 Quick Tips About Running with a Speed Chute for Parachute Resistance Training


Are you new at running with a speed chute? Or maybe you’ve been practicing parachute resistance training for some time, but want to know how to make your sessions more effective. Either way, here are 10 quick tips you can use to get the most from your speed chute parachute resistance training program:

  1. When running with a speed chute, choose a flat course or track so you’re able to run forward easily without attempting to navigate rough terrain.
  2. Build your intensity slowly so you are able to avoid an injury that could potentially sideline your progress.
  3. Think of running with a speed chute the same way you do interval training, alternating between low and high impact physical activity.
  4. Be sure to run with proper form. (In other words, keep your head up, chest out, and shoulders back).
  5. Always start your parachute resistance training sessions with a warm up and end them with a cool down to help your muscles transition in and out of exercise mode in the safest manner possible.
  6. Buy a high quality speed chute so it is durable and long-lasting. (Don’t worry; they don’t cost much.)
  7. Keep track of your times when running your speed chute drills so you can accurately monitor the progress you’re making.
  8. Just as with any other form of exercise, change up your speed chute exercises regularly so you’re constantly progressing…and so you don’t get bored.
  9. If you travel, take your speed chute with you. It’s totally portable and you’ll be better able to keep up with your training program.
  10. Make sure you purchase a speed chute with the correct resistance for your level of physical fitness.

Follow these 10 tips when running with your speed chute and your parachute resistance training sessions will make you faster, stronger, and more powerful!

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