10 Reasons Why to Add a Bee Pollen in Your Diet

10 Reasons Why to Add a Bee Pollen in Your Diet - Fitness Health


Do you know honeybees are not a source for honey alone? Well yes, they are the source for bee pollen too.

Honeybees sit on a number of flowers and extract nectar and pollen out of them. Pollen is actually the male seed of the flower when they collect the pollen they rub it with their legs and convert it into crunchy bee pollen to feed their younger ones.

However, the bee pollen can be beneficial for human consumptions too. The German Federal Board of Health has officially recommended bee pollen for manufacturing medicines as well.

If you want to learn about its many heat benefits then read on:

1.    Relive Stress

Bee pollen can reduce a high level of stress. In Chinese medicines, it is one of the nutritive tonic, which is used to prolong life. Its consumption improves blood circulation, the nervous system, mind attentiveness Moreover, it can also revive your mood and fills you with a new wave of motivation.

2.    Energy Enhancer

Bee pollen is a high source of vitamin B as it contains rutin that is an antioxidant used to enhance cardiovascular function. Moreover. Dr. Gabriel Cousens calls it an energy booster. Being a high source of energy, bee pollen is best for athletes for boosting their stamina and strength to perform well.

3.    Helps Weight Loss

You may have a number of weight loss supplements in your list but bee pollen can be that one, which can assure you, fast and save weight loss. It helps in stabilizing chemical imbalance in your body thereby improving your metabolism. It helps in maintaining your abnormal weight gain and burns your calories. A spoon full of bee pollen is so healthy that it serves your carving and enhances your internal health. You do not have to do any snacking when you have a jar full bee pollen. You can even add them in your salad dressing or diet drinks.

4.    Relieves Menopausal Symptoms

As you reach an age of forty you began to experience menopausal symptoms. The intake of bee pollen can help you treat such changes. It protects you form vaginal dryness, weight gain, and dry skin.

5.    Treats Allergies

Bee pollen is best for treating allergies. It improves the immune system thereby making a body resistant against severe allergies.

“All patients who had taken the antigen [pollen] for three years remained free from all allergy symptoms, no matter where they lived and regardless of diet. Control has been achieved in 100 percent of my earlier cases and the field is ever-expanding.”- Dr Conway

6.    Cures Infertility problems

The anxiety of having Infertility is something that can eat you up. However, bee pollen is recommended to fight against infertility in women. It helps in restoring ovarian and stimulate egg productions. Moreover, it helps to improve the agility of eggs making them able to withstand incubation.

7.    Strengthens Immune System

The antioxidants present in bee pollen helps in improving the immune system thereby protecting the damaged cells present in our body. A daily consumption of bee pollen proves to be good for intestinal flora.

8.    Nourishes your skin

If you are looking for a remedy or solution to keep the freshness of your skin protected here is the thing you must grab first.

Bee pollen has vitamins, nutrients and enzymes needed to boost the freshness and health of the skin. It makes our face glow and keeps it younger looking.

9.    Heals you effectively

The anti-inflammatory properties of bee pollen help in treating against burnt areas of your skin. It can reduce the pain and can even wipe off the burnt area by increasing the level of gamma globulin, and proteins.

10. Best dietary supplement

After wheat grass and yerba mates, bee pollen is considered as one of the best dietary supplement. It is full of nutrients to fuel up your body with a burst of energy. Moreover, kids who have poor appetite can add this to their diet.

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