10 things you should Always Keep in Your Gym Bag

10 things you should Always Keep in Your Gym Bag

 10 things you should Always Keep in Your Gym Bag

There are ten items that should always be present in the gym bag to ensure that you have an efficient and fruitful workout and also to avoid any mishaps like paying extra just because you forgot your pair of socks! Find out the ten things that must be present.

  • Water bottle:

This item goes without saying. However, a lot of people forget to keep a water bottle. Having a reusable, empty bottle of water which you can refill on the go ensures that you stay hydrated always. In fact, this is also a pocket-friendly and an eco-friendly option than continuously purchasing plastic bottles.

  • Face wipes:

This is an essential tool always to have in your bag. Before starting your workout and even after the workout make sure that you wipe your face. This helps to fight breakouts.

  • Dry shampoo:

If there are no showers available at the gym and you have to go out to a gathering or work, then you can just spray dry shampoo, and you will be good to go.

  • Nutrition bar:

Keep a stash of nutrition bars in your pocket to avoid feeling hungry. Make sure that you are ready for your workout by filling your bags with snacks that can be eaten on the go quickly.

  • Tank top:

It is never a bad idea to store an extra tank top in your bag. In fact, the spare shirt will be greatly appreciated if you get an unexpected text from your friends to hangout. Similarly, an extra tank top will feel like a blessing after an intense workout session. 

  • Towel:

Having sweat constantly in your eyes is highly irritating. The same goes for slippery hands because of the yoga mat. To avoid the unreasonable towel rental fee, make sure that you keep one in your gym bag always. One great option is a microfiber towel because of two reasons; it dries within a short time and is an efficient absorber.

  • Socks:

Working out without socks is always a hassle. To prevent this mishap, make sure that you have an extra pair stashed in your bag especially in the summer.

  • Sports watch:

Regardless of that fact that you are inside a gym where a clock is bound to be present, a sports watch is still a vital tool. This is because a sports watch comes particularly in handy during workouts which involve multiple rounds or running. With the help of a good sports watch, you can mark not only the end and start times but the lap times as well.

  • Athletic tape:

This item must seem absurd to have in your gym bag, but in reality, it is useful. Athletic tape can be used to tape your injuries or can also be used to tape the scrapes and cuts you might get during your workout session. Alternatively, you can use this tape to wrap your hands and prevent tears or to tape your wrists and joints to prevent injury. What makes this item even easier to keep in your gym bag is that it is very cheap.

  • Lacrosse ball:

Lacrosse ball is best for a self-massage after a workout. You can use the lacrosse ball to press the muscle, to release the tension from the muscle, and to break up the fascia. Of course, a foam roller is also used for those. However, the lacrosse ball is a better option since it is targeted. As soon as you sense soreness coming or if you have a tender muscle, then you can simply use your lacrosse ball to get rid of it.


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