10 ways to keep fit this christmas


Christmas is nearing, and the preps are at peak. All the comrades are tweaking their celebration stuff up. Does it make you a little nervous that you would be overeating while Christmas holidays?

Festivals are all about eating and enjoying scrumptious meals, of course. It is natural for your stomach to crave for bulks.

Though you can’t afford to put your health at stake, your health and fitness should not be suffering your taste and mood for eating.

Following are a number of tips given below to keep your fitness on par.

  1. No excessive ingesting.

There would be a bunch of cuisines stimulating your appetite, but you need to be watchful with your choice of intake. You ought not to simply wolf down everything delicious on the menu. You may eat small amounts from every dish. You can scale down on the quantity and enjoy all flavours of Christmas meals.

  1. Don’t plan a hectic Christmas week.

Plan these holidays with your family and loved ones, instead. As much as you socialise and meet various acquaintances, you are more likely to overeat. The lesser the gatherings, the more careful you are with your stomach.

It’s obvious that you will go out and greet people in your circle, but here, you are just asked to keep the circle smaller for this Christmas. No obligations, this could just be a good tool to avoid extra eating, as per our surveillance.

  1. Don’t resume your workout routine.

If you are a person already gym-ing and working out on a daily basis, keep it going. Do not be slouchy during Christmas holidays. And, if you are a person not habitual of going to the gym, this could be a fantastic new-year resolution to make. Both options are worth considering.

  1. Choose the right treats.

Eat wisely and not miserly. There’s a distinct difference between eating lesser and eating healthier. Instead of nibbling on everything on the table, you may choose something healthy in a vast amount. For instance, you can choose lean proteins over regular proteins.

  1. Compensating the larger intakes.

As an alternate option, you can either take a small walk after a massive dinner or lunch to sweat out the fats, or add some greens to your plate after getting done with a heavy meal. It would keep your stomach lighter and refreshed.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to inhale the food served to you. You would want to scoff it down your throat. Nothing can work better than this trick in this case.

  1. Careful! You may catch a cold!

In the Christmas season, people are more likely to catch a cold. Since it’s winters, falling sick is not against the norm. You should avoid late night gatherings on Christmas days. Nights are usually colder. When you are out, better wrap yourself in warm clothes.

  1. Overeating may cause an upset stomach.

Stuffing yourself with an extra amount of food could cause stomach ache and upset your digestive system. Overeating is always a problem. It establishes, you have to have a limit when it comes to eating, although the tantalising smells of Christmas delicacies make it difficult for you.

  1. Extra consumption of alcohol can always be harmful.

There’s a lot of drinking occasions on Christmas, be it wine at eve and dinners or Bucks Fizz in the breakfast. Half a glass would be enough for felicitating the occasion.

  1. Don’t turn to Eat-Sleep-Fart mode.

Please don’t sit back at home to relax in your sofa, or sleep for most of the hours in the vacationing season. Merely eating and sleeping would affect your health badly. It’s Christmas as well as the new year, make the most of it meeting and greeting people.

  1. Cook your family healthy food.

When you are home, cook your family a nutritious and wholesome meal and enjoy your time. Don’t be invited as a guest everywhere, don’t tick mark all the events you have been invited to. Take some precious time out for your family and kids. Cook and serve them scrumptious Christmas meal.


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