Which Are the Best Multivitamins for Women?


Men and women are not only vastly different when it comes to communication styles, likes and dislikes, and more but their bodies also have very different vitamin needs. So, if you are a woman, here are four vitamins and minerals you should make sure to include in your daily multivitamin regimen:

  • Calcium – As women age, their risk of osteoporosis increases and one way to keep bones from getting brittle and breaking easily is to keep your calcium levels up to par. In addition, this one particular nutrient also helps lower your blood pressure and works to prevent colon cancer. The recommended dosage is 1,000 mg per day (or 1,500 mg’s if you are over the age of 50).

  • Folic Acid – This vitamin is extremely important if you are planning to have children as it reduces your chances of having the baby prematurely and it also lowers the likelihood of birth defects. Aim for 400 mcg per day if you are not pregnant and 600 mcg if you are. If you are breastfeeding, you’ll want to be right in the middle, getting around 500 mcg daily.

  • Coenzyme Q-10 – This key nutrient keeps your heart healthy and your immune system running strong so that you can handle your daily duties of working, caring for your family and running your household. It has also been found to help with migraines which is a bonus if you suffer from these often debilitating headaches. Take 30-60 mg for better health.

  • Iron – The benefit of getting enough iron in your body daily include having more energy and enjoying better cognitive functions (mental alertness and a good memory). Women up to 50 years of age need approximately 18 mg per day, but that amount drops to 8 mg once you are past menopause.

Whether you have a multivitamin that has all of these in it or take them each individually, get these four nutrients in your body daily and you’ll enjoy better health both now and well into the future!

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