What are the uses Fitness Wristbands

Fitness Wristbands – What are the uses?

The tennis legend Fred Perry created the wristband to absorb sweat from his hands and face while on the tennis court. Today, these wristbands come in numerous sizes, shapes, and materials. People have found uses beyond soaking up sweat. The original terry cloth wristbands were intended to absorb sweat. Athletes, particularly runners, basketball players, and tennis players, still use wristbands to sponge up sweat from their eyes and faces. Basketball and tennis players gain the extra advantage of wristbands lessening the dampness of their hands. Nowadays, it is quite unusual to see a professional tennis player on the court without one. On another note, silicone wristbands have become equated with fundraising efforts and backing of major causes. Lance Armstrong initiated this movement when he used ‘Livestrong Yellow’ Wristbands to bring consideration to cancer. These wristbands became a universal phenomenon and could be seen on supporters the globe over. Andy Roddick, the U.S. tennis player, uses ‘No Compromise’ blue wristbands to gain money for the Andy Roddick Foundation, which strives to make a difference in the lives of exposed to risk children. Many other significant causes use wristbands to help in fundraising efforts and mindfulness. Pink wristbands are used for breast cancer, orange or green for leukaemia, red for AIDS, and purple for lupus. Lastly, it would seem that they have also made their way into the for-profit segment. That is, companies are now using them for promotion and advertising purposes. The low cost of these wristbands means that they are easy to produce in large quantities, while also being able to afford handing them out freely to customers and employees. Even schools use them to carry promotional messages![1][2]




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