6 Fitness Benefits You Get from Using Pilates Resistance Rings


Pilates in and of itself is a great way to get and stay fit. However, if you add a resistance ring to the mix, you’re going to enjoy even more benefits, such as:

  • Bigger and stronger muscles. Although the Pilates exercises themselves work your body to help you stay fit and trim, the ring intensifies this effect. The additional resistance pushes your muscles that much harder, making them bigger and stronger than if you just practice Pilates alone.


  • Greater overall body tone. Because the Pilates resistance rings can be used for exercises for your upper body, lower body and core, you can tone and shape every area with just one piece of equipment. They aren’t like other fitness gadgets that only work one or two muscle groups and that is it.


  • A stronger heart. Because it takes more effort to do Pilates with a resistance ring than without, you’re going to make your heart muscle work harder, which also makes it stronger and able to endure more. 


  • Faster results. Using resistance rings allows you to engage in slow and controlled movements that will bring about quicker results. It also makes it easier to isolate the exact muscles that you want to stretch and contract so that you aren’t wasting your time on movements that aren’t doing anything to advance your form.


  • Fewer injuries. Using a resistance ring helps you keep your form which results in fewer injuries. Do exercises correctly and you’ll meet your health and fitness goals with fewer setbacks.


  • Improved balance. Pilates by itself strengthens your core which works to improve your balance. Add a resistance ring and it takes even more core strength to complete the exercises, improving your balance that much more.
Incorporate resistance rings into your Pilates routine and start to enjoy these six benefits – today!
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