5 Tools Everyone In the Fitness Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone In the Fitness Industry Should Be Using - Fitness Health

5 tools of fitness

Every professional has tools which make his or her job easier and more effective. For instance, a plumber has wrenches, a doctor has a stethoscope, and a gardener has a rake. Well, as a fitness professional in the workout industry, you should have a certain sets of tools too.

Here are five of them which are absolute musts:

  • A scale. While a scale doesn’t give you the breakdown between lean muscle and fat, keeping clients within a healthy weight range can help reduce their risk of disease and illness. Plus, if you travel to your clients, it’s easy to take with you. All you need is a hard surface and you’re ready to go. 
  • Fat calipers. This is the one tool that fitness experts should be using to determine how much fat their clients are carrying. This is important as someone can be within a healthy weight range according to the charts, yet still have too much fat for optimal health.
  • A measuring tape. Whether your client is trying to lose weight or gain muscle, a measuring tape can be invaluable for keeping track of how things are going. The key is to measure at the same place every time so that your results are more reliable.
  • Fitness charts. Not only do fitness charts help you keep better track of your client’s progress, but they also help clients see it for themselves. This can serve as a great motivator to either keep the good work going or push harder for better results.
  • Basic fitness equipment. By showing your clients that they don’t need fancy equipment in order to stay in shape, they’ll be more likely to stick with an exercise program no matter what their circumstances. Some basic options to consider include resistance bands, suspension training sets, and other cost effective workout gear.
  • 5 tools everyone In the fitness industry should be using
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