6 Things About Fitness Your Boss Wants You to Know

6 Things About Fitness Your Boss Wants You to Know - Fitness Health

6 Things About Fitness Your Boss Wants You to Know


Although most people think of fitness as a personal goal, the reality is that your shape impacts your work too. With that thought in mind, here are six things about fitness your boss wants you to know:

  • The more in shape you are, the more productive you are. Research has found that people who exercise tend to get more done thanks largely to increased blood flow to the brain. This may explain why a high number of CEOs and top entrepreneurs make exercise part of their daily habit.
  • When you’re fit, you’ll take fewer sick days. While you might like to take days off from work, sick days are no fun if you truly are sick. And since staying in top condition reduces your risk of illness and disease, fewer of your sick days will actually be because you’re not feeling well.
  • Working out improves your mood. Everyone likes to work someplace where everyone is happy and positive. Working out regularly assists with this because exercise increases your brain’s release of serotonin – the feel good hormone.
  • Exercise can reduce your medical bills. Granted, some employers offer good health packages, but there’s still co-pays and deductibles to consider anytime you have to see a doctor. These amounts can be lowered if you exercise regularly as your health risks are lowered.
  • Being fit can make your job physically easier. This is true if you’re in a physical job, but also if you’re doing desk work because, not only is being in shape helpful if you move around all day, but it also keeps you in good condition if your job is sedentary.
  • Being fit can make your job mentally easier. Because exercise has been linked to better memory, increased focus, and reduced stress effects, being fit can also make your job easier on you mentally.
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